Challenges of Player Versus Player

On some battlegrounds, bloodshed will never cease. One of those battlegrounds is the player versus player arena. Whether it be a rogue standing toe-to-toe with a mighty warrior, or a faithful cleric facing off against a supreme warlock, player versus player creates an entirely new dynamic for all who involve themselves. Rather than beating a series of numbers and programmed triggers of a computer, a person mus now fight another thinking individual. This is a popular aspect of gameplay that can be both fun and challenging if done properly.

Challenges of PvP Combat

There are several factors that influence the inherent challenge of player versus player (PvP) combat. As opposed to fighting computers with predetermined formulas and programmed responses, there is no way to determine what another player is going to do. Essentially, PvP combat involves several challenges:

  • Strategy– Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses as well as your opponent’s, and playing accordingly.
  • IntelligenceKnowing what will and will not help you. For example, running away generally doesn’t accomplish much because it tends to keep you from attacking but doesn’t stop the damage coming in.
  • Build– Let’s face it: you have to build your character to fight other characters. What works against computers does not generally work against player defenses.
  • Statistics– Knowing how to maximize the stats you need to fight different kinds of players.
  • Technique– Each player is unique, meaning no two players will play exactly the same. It is important to know your opponent’s technique and to be able to change your own.
  • Attitude– PvP can become very stressful. Unless both players keep a good attitude about it, it’s not going to be fun for either person.

As you can see, PvP combat is less about playing and more about the player. Any person can mash buttons, but when push comes to shove, fighting players involves matching a person’s mind.


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