Selecting Equipment

There are many different reasons why players choose equipment. Some choose equipment based upon value. Others choose it based upon the bonuses it gives. Many choose equipment based solely upon how it looks. No matter the reason, equipment is an important part of advancing any character.


The most effective way to choose equipment is to choose the largest bonus unique to your class. For example, if you were a stealth-type class, you would select equipment that has the largest bonuses to dexterity. This increases your chance to hit. Tanks would look for bonuses to defense, resistance, and armor. Spellcasters would look for bonuses that increases their main stat (usually called wisdom or intelligence).


When considering weapons, damage is not always the only thing to look for. As well as bonus stats, many weapons are also imbued with certain effects (known as procs). To illustrate what I mean, which weapon would you choose: a sword that deals 15 points of damage every 12 seconds, or a sword that deals 12 points of damage every 15 seconds, but with a 35% chance of dealing 24 points of electricity damage? The smart choice would be the second sword. This was a basic example, but not every choice is so simple. Many times a person must weigh the benefits before selecting a weapon.


With armor, the defense rating is not always the only thing to look for. Many pieces of armor offer special defenses against a certain type of enemy, or have certain procs that are beneficial. The player must consider what sort of enemies are being fought and how their characters are played before selecting what defenses and procs to use.

Weight is a key factor of selecting armor. Some classes use medium armor. Some use heavy. Some even use light. Games won’t often make certain pieces of equipment available to different classes, but it happens (in the tabletop Dungeons & Dragons, there are no restrictions). The general rule of thumb is that the spellcasters wear light armor, the support classes wear medium, and the tanks wear heavy.


Jewelry is often overlooked by the players, but they often give the most bonuses. Spellcasters rely heavily upon these because many times they are designed for them (offering large bonuses to intelligence and wisdom). Jewelry is a key investment into gear, and again, procs and stats must be considered. For players concerned with appearance, jewelry is an easy decision since it rarely shows up on the character.


Equipment can be selected many ways, but the most important method is analyzing statistics, weight, and procs. Without  these things, the character will fall behind and have little contribution to the team.


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