Importance of Branching Out

Yes, I know, this is all but obvious. But I just wanted to quickly explain the importance of branching out to several games as a gamer.

As a gamer, so often I have a tendency to get preoccupied with singular game and push the others away for being “inferior”. In reality, as a gamer, we should be playing as many games within our genre as we can (which most gamers do anyway). Just like how a writer reads many different books, or a musician listens to many different sorts of music, playing other MMO games will simply expand our knowledge of the game. Each game plays slightly differently. Knowing the ins-and-outs of one game increases knowledge of another.

Better yet, more and more free games are constantly coming out on the market! Good or bad, they should at least be played. Some sites I know of that offer free MMORPGs are these:

Another thing I like to do is download trial games for paid MMORPGs. Even if you choose not to buy it in the long run, at least you have the experience of playing it in the end.

By expanding your knowledge of different MMOs, you can know how each one plays. Analyze what you like and don’t like. Discuss with other gamers why you do or don’t like it. Build community and have fun!


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