Massive Gaming

Blog after blog, each MMO theme seems to be nearly the same. Hardcore players with hours upon hours every week whining and complaining about what the game designers did wrong, how the game hates them, and what they should have done in a certain situation, as though the entire world revolves around their MMO addiction (often times it does!).

However, I was  surprised just a few days ago as I was surfing for other wordpress blogs similar to my own. In an attempt to build community with like-minded bloggers, I stumbled upon an intriguing little blog that seems to take a different, pleasantly simplistic approach to gaming. Similar to the way fellow gamers would recount stories and adventures to each other from the gaming world,  author of  Massively Gaming ( Matthew Beers shares with the world his experiences within the fantasy roleplaying world.

Balancing technical insight with a personal feel of the story, Matthew Beers is sure to keep his readers coming back for more!


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